more appropriate Louisville alternate jerseys

Yesterday, Adidas unveiled special postseason uniforms for Cincinnati, Louisville and Baylor. While Louisville’s ensemble does pay homage to Beach Gorgui with a fly set of board shorts, it has been met with ambivalence by writers and Louisville fans alike.

the guy in the Louisville jersey looks like he’s wearing a strapless dress with a red bra. —Paul Lukas at Uni Watch

I tend to agree with Paul. Also, did I mention that the home jersey is fucking orange?
So in light of these underwhelming threads, our team of fashion-forward designers at birdswag is rolling out some concepts more appropriate for this Louisville team.

headgear: what screams 2011-2012 Louisville basketball more than concussions? This look was created in the fall after Rick Pitino revealed that Elisha Justice was practicing in a helmet. Since Adidas has already demonstrated a propensity for recycling Nike gimmicks, we took the liberty of slapping a logo on the helmet to save them the R+D resources.

invisibility cloak: the very design that’s taken Brad Steven’s Butler teams to back-to-back title games (notice you never saw Matt Howard on the bench) could be the difference between flameout and champion. Let’s see Brandon Triche put it on the deck against 7 defenders. One size fits all (sorry Wayne).

laser guidance: Louisville is among the 50 worst-3pt-shooting teams in the country this year. If there’s anything that can get Kyle Kuric and Chris Smith back on track, it’s next level weapons technology. “Three goggles” will no longer be figurative.


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