Hey y’all. Welcome to birdswag, a space devoted to University of Louisville athletics and some of the finer things in life.

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog, you’re most likely either a blood relation of the author or lost. If you fall into the latter camp, I’ve done you the courtesy of including a link to humorous videos of birds wagging their asses.

If, however, you’ve willingly navigated to this birdswag in search of salient insights and profound gratification, prepare to be disappointed most of the time. What you will find is an offbeat perspective on Cardinal sports, some reflections on Charles Bronson films and attenuated metaphors between college sports and my personal life. Grab a beer, snuggle up, and let’s get down to business. Remember, if you get bored, there’s always those birds to fall back on.

let’s get into it.

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